Vegetables that your dog should never be fed.

Your dog's digestive system is different from yours.So his food list is also different.Many people think that vegetables are always beneficial.So maybe it's easy to feed the dog. In this way they fed the dog from their own food, and in the end were forced to bring the dog to us because of his illness.Today I will name some vegetables that you should never feed your dog.

vegetebles that your dog should never be fed


Always keep your dog away from Citrus.Citrus leaves, stems, pods, fruits, and seeds are all harmful to dogs.Because they contain citric acid, essential oils.These ingredients can cause depression in your dog's central nervous system.So you have to keep an eye on this issue very well.

Onions And Garlic

These vegetables are not suitable for your dog. These vegetables are responsible for gastrointestinal irritation in your dog.These vegetables also cause damage to your dog's red blood cells.If you feed your dog a lot of these vegetables regularly, then the dog may suffer from anemia.


It is not safe for your dog.I don't see any point in giving your dog this vegetable.This is because it loses its nutritional value after cooking and it is also very difficult to eat raw.So you should avoid this vegetable for your dogs.


Mushrooms are a very useful vegetable for humans but not for dogs.Mushrooms can cause serious damage to your dog.For dogs, wild mushrooms can be poisonous.The poisonous can really harm your dog or even result in death.


Tomatoes should not be eaten by your dog.Tomato leaves, stems, nothing can be fed. Because tomatoes contain solanine, which is harmful to dogs.

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