What Fruits are toxic for your dogs-fruits not to feed dogs

Are you unknowingly giving your dog food that threatens your dog's health?I have seen many people who consider their dog as their family member, they feed the dog what they eat.They don't know that there are some foods that can't be given to dogs.As a result, they come to me with problems with their dog's digestion, diarrhea, dog's misbehavior, and so on.Sometimes people bring him to me in a situation where it is difficult to save him.Today I will name some of the fruits that will never feed your dog.

fruits not to feed dogs


Nuts are a fruit that should never be given to your dog. Especially walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pecan nuts, macadamia nuts cannot be given. Nuts warm your dog's stomach.This causes your dog to feel uncomfortable and behave badly.My advice is to always keep your dog away from nuts.Even if your dog likes it, don't feed it to your dog.


Your dog can never be given grapes. The amount of sugar in grapes is 80%. Which is harmful to your dog. Eating grapes can damage your dog's kidneys. If your dog eats a lot of grapes, make him vomit immediately. And take him  to a vet near you.

Unripe tomatoes  


Never give your dog unripe tomatoes or tomato leaves or stems. It contain solanine which is not good for dog health.And it contain tomatine which can cause damage the kidneys of your dogs and also can damage the nervous system, and digestive tract. 


Cherries are very harmful for your dogs. Because cherries pits, leaves and stems contain cyanide which is very poisonous for your dog. If your dog eat more cherries,it can blockages dogs intestine. If you want to give cherries to your dog, you can give 1 to 2.But keep in mind that the pits of the cherry can cause your dog's death.


Keep your dog away from avocados.Although many people say that avocado can be given to dogs, I do not prefer it.Because avocado can make your dog diarrhea.It can also cause other ailments such as colds, shortness of breath, etc.


Do not include any foods that contain high amounts of coconut and coconut oil on your dog's food list.Coconut products can cause harm to your pet.However, there is no problem if you give a very small amount. Fresh coconut meat and milk contain oils that can upset the stomach, cause loose stools or diarrhea. And Potassium is high in coconut water and should not be given to your pet.


Since grapes cannot be given, raisins cannot be given too. Many people may think that grapes can not be given, then raisins can be given?No, raisins cannot be given also. 

We know your dog is very dear to you. And that's why we try our best to keep your dog healthy.Today you know what fruits your dog should not be fed.I hope you don't feed your dog these fruits again. 

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