5 Excellent use of coconut oil for dogs.

5 Excellent use of coconut oil for dogs

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Hair repair mask

Coconut Oil can be used on your pet's coat as a hair repair mask. Comb around a palm sized quantity of oil through the fur of your animal for an efficient result. Let it soak for a minimum of five minutes. With warm water, rinse much of the oil out of the hair and then wash and dry your pet as usual.

To treat the dry skin and inflammation

If your dog has dry skin, apply some coconut oil to the affected area. However, make sure that he does not lick that place with his mouth. Because eating coconut oil is not safe for dogs. Coconut oil is quickly absorbed through the skin. This will help reduce inflammation of the dog's skin.

Kills Bacteria

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties due to which it keeps away any dangerous microorganisms from the skin of your dogs.Studies have shown that lauric acid is the most powerful fatty acid to block and combat various harmful bacteria. Lauric acid is the principal (50 percent) defender in coconut oil.

Use as Teeth Cleaner

With coconut oil, you can cleanse your dog's teeth. As it has antibacterial properties, it makes an excellent addition to the teeth cleaning system of your dog.If your dog has bad breath, this is essential for your dog. Take a vet suggested toothbrush and simply brush their teeth with a little bit of coconut oil.Also if you brush your dog with coconut oil regularly once a week, it will keep your dog away from unwanted tooth disease.

 Wounds Healing

In particular, one study observed how coconut oil components boost the status of antioxidants and increase collagen levels and thus effectively accelerate the entire wound healing method.Coconut oil is also good at treating and healing burn wounds.

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