Is your dog dreaming or suffering sleeping disorder?

Have you ever seen your dog make strange noises in its sleep or move its tail or gnash its teeth or wake up suddenly? You may notice these things if you're a dog owner.Dogs are certainly dreaming. Many people have reported their dog twitching, making a tiny paddling movement or vocalizing softly during sleep. This is normal. But it's not always normal to dream about your dog.It may also be that he is actually suffering from REM sleep disorder.

It has been proven that not only dogs but also other mammals dream.They dream in the same way as humans.But some dogs suffer real sleep disturbances during deep sleep and show unusual behaviors - such as rising up, screaming as if in distress, and even aggressive actions.

These dogs are suspected by veterinary behaviorists and neurologists to suffer from a real sleep disruption that happens during REM sleep. Naturally, most people who witness these disturbing sleep disturbances believe their dog has a nightmare, a night fear, or even a seizure.

This is not a seizure disorder if these symptoms occur only during sleep, if you can normally wake the dog up with strong voice commands, and if the dog is neurologically stable during the waking hours.

These are not known by veterinarians as nightmares or seizures, but as a sleep disorder with REM.

If your dog is behaving as follows, understand that he is suffering from sleep disorder.

  • Showing symptoms of aggressive movements of limbs

  • Screaming as if in deep unbearable pain

  • Screech, bite, groan or chew

  • Show biting attitude both themselves and others

  • Will run across the house

  • Chase or “pin” humans or other animals

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