what home remedy for dog constipation?

Constipation is an unpleasant situation for any person. Not being able to poop, including stomach pain and headaches, causes nasty side effects. This situation in which your dog does not move normal stool is, for him, painful and confusing. Here are some top dog constipation remedies.

what home remedy for dog constipation?



In lactose-intolerant dogs, milk can relieve constipation. If you supply too much, however, the opposite issue will soon occur! Normally, you should never give your dog milk, but acting as a laxative will help with constipation with quinine. A small bowl of milk will suffice and often within a few hours it works.

Olive Oil

Best oliv oil for dogs

To your dog's meal, add a small amount of olive oil. The oils have a laxative effect that is very pleasant. Never give more, however. It is possible to have one spoon, but not more. Since, in dogs, it can cause diarrhea. Do not offer your dog oil orally because instead of swallowing it, she can aspirate it, which may cause her to choke.

Apple cider vinegar

Another proven solution for all types of digestive issues is apple cider vinegar. It can help with constipation to add a small amount to your dog's water bowl.


pumpkin for dog constipation

A perfect way to avoid and treat constipation is to give your dog a little bit of pumpkin with his food. The water content of pumpkin is high and a great source of fiber that helps to pull water into the intestines and transfer things. Fresh pumpkin can either be pureed or canned pureed pumpkin can be used. Before adding pumpkin to his regular diet, make sure that your dog is well hydrated. If your dog is well hydrated or not, the fiber will draw water into the intestinal tract.

Not drinking enough water is usually one of the most likely causes of constipation. This is because, when a dog is dehydrated, its body pulls water from its intestines to quench the thirst of its more important 'vital' organs, such as its brain and lungs. Always ensure that you have access to fresh water for your dog. Consider investing in a fountain of water. Extreme cases of constipation can require IV fluids to be administered by a vet.

If you plan to keep a dog in your life, you must have good quality food to take care of it. Even if he spends a little more in the feed.

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