Why do people get so attached to cats?

To begin with, cats and humans share 97 percent of our DNA. As a result, they resemble humans in many ways, allowing us to "read" them and identify with them through their movements and actions. They look like small fluffy four-legged humans.

Their eyes are positioned in the front of their heads, unlike most other animals, giving them a more human-like countenance than many other creatures.They also have expressive and attractive eyes, allowing us to interact with them without using words.

They adapt well to us, using meows as a form of "human communication," demonstrating that they are aware of our traits. Adult cats, you may have seen, do not meow to each other for communication purposes, but exclusively to us.

They also live with us for a longer period of time than most other pets. Most cats live to be at least 16 years old, but I've had one live to be 20, and there are cats who live to be in their 30s.

If all of this isn't enough to make you fall in love with your cat, there's more:

They are creatures of habit that want to stick to a schedule, and they will frequently alter theirs to their masters'.So we may have a beautiful routine with our cats, knowing that they will sleep in a certain chair nearby while we work, or that they will come and sit on the couch with us as we watch the news from home. on television in the evening.

And these are individuals.

No cat is ever the same as another. This is what you learn by spending time with them. This is of course true for all creatures in the universe, but in the case of cats, it comes with a set of characteristics that are very easy to integrate into a modern household. It is much easier to accommodate a cat in a city apartment than, say, a cow or a capybara.

Individuals become attracted to us, and cats become attracted to us as well.

Finally, they are stunningly attractive and inviting to the touch. They also enjoy being stroked and cuddled. They make fantastic love targets and reward us by being dignified, entertaining, and hedonistic little sociopaths who we can't help but admire.

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