4 amazing smart training dogs toys

 1. Tennis falls out Automatic throwing machine for dog feeder

It's really an amazing toy for dogs. When he puts the ball inside. He falls into the hole and then rolls up and dispenses the candy. It can be used as dog toys, feeders, trainers, slow food bowls, etc. The toy is made by high quality and safe material. It is durable and long-term reliable. It help keep your pet active and healthy.

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2. Intelligent Escaping Toy for Cat,Dog and your baby

Environmentally friendly plastic and electronic components, BPA and Lead-Free, charming and wonderful, made of high quality eco-friendly plastic that is safe and non-toxic. When you strike this adorable toy, the light flashes and a sound is made, and the product flashes and makes a sound. When the induction toy goes to sleep, simply tap it to wake it up again.When the hand enters the sensing area, a little dream perceives and starts running away with light flashes and sounds. When hitting an obstruction quickly, the built-in high-speed universal wheel will turn or retreat at random. With 3 AAA batteries and a sealing ring to prevent leaking, this device has a long battery life. However, purchasers must supply their own batteries.

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3.Suction cup dog toy

This toy aids in the reduction of anxiety in dogs. It not only satisfies the dog's innate needs and strengthens the bond between them and their owners, but it also reduces anxiety, promotes healthy chewing behavior, and aids in the modification of bad behavior bite.

This unique toy combines the functions of a treat ball, a tooth cleaner, slow feeding, and a chew toy in one. The double-layer tooth bulging effectively removes calculus, tartar, and foul breath in dogs, allowing them to maintain their health.

This smart training toy for dogs can be used in the home, yard, or park. Throwing the ball, the built-in bell, which can be used as agility equipment for dogs, completely inspired the pet hunting instinct and drives the dog insane.     

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4. Dog Food Puzzle Toy

This is a IQ Developmental dog toy. The food puzzle toy is meant to keep your pets thinking by posing a challenge. Mental stimulation toys help your dog stay sharp throughout time, lowering the chance of mental deterioration.

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